I provide the following services and can tailor a plan to your particular needs and timetable.

  • Assist in connecting families and patients with appropriate professionals and programs for everything from assessments to aftercare.
  • Research, recommend and connect to treatment options. Will compile a list of the clinicians and facilities with the best reputation and treatment philosophy fit. 
  • Work with family to find most appropriate choices to meet financial, geographic and treatment parameters.
  • Help create recommendations based on family, client and treatment professional input.
  • Assist during the admissions process to ensure the family, patient, treatment team and program have the essential information they need at each point in the process.
  • During treatment, facilitate communication and collaboration between teams, families and clients.
  • Aftercare planning and re-integration to home, school and work.

Facility Admissions Process

There are often many different moving parts during the admissions process. Not only are families and patients trying to juggle programmatic information and potential financial responsibilities, each program requires it’s own assessments, labs and documents. There is no “Common App”! I can help smooth this process and ensure information, deadlines and requirements are clear to all parties. I will support you in the following areas:

  • Work with facilities, families and teams to ease process and admission.
  • Help families and patients access the proper medical and clinical assessment professionals.
  • Connect treatment facilities with outpatient team members to ensure communication during the intake process and upon admission.
  • Ensure ongoing communication with the team during treatment. 

Treatment Professionals and Regional Services

If you are unfamiliar with professionals in a geographic area, need select professionals to fill out a current multi-disciplinary team or need ideas for a range of services, I can help customize and expedite the selection process. Convenience factors such as travel time, mass transit and parking are always considered, including:

  • Finding and vetting of treatment professionals in your hometown or a new city.
  • Research support groups and ancillary services.
  • Recommendations for adjunctive professionals, activities and supports; these may include specialty consultants, coaches, social and volunteer activities.
  • Information and assistance with admission to outpatient treatment programs. Consultations with treatment team to assess appropriateness.

Recovery and Aftercare Resource Roadmap           

Most patients need the structure of a very specific and comprehensive aftercare plan for their return to home, school or work. We often must think creatively to consider every aspect of a patients return home, how they will feel and what options they need to continue their recovery. What is the campus like? The work environment? Taking care of the kids? The commute? It takes time to get consistent traction. Setting up these “guard rails” for support and accountability are key components in preventing relapse, and can include the following:

  • Help create comprehensive plans based on team recommendations.
  • Provide a range of aftercare options for return to home, school or work.
  • Find step-down choices, adjunctive activities and additional supports.
  • Connect with education and coaching professionals.
  • Help coordinate communication between team, family and client. Create a contract or check-ins for accountability.
  • Customize a daily / weekly / monthly plan of appointments, living skills and supports.